Redistribute a portion of your paycheque, savings or government benefits to those who need it most.

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Why share

Millions of people have lost their jobs in a matter of weeks

Many others are being forced to work at great risk to themselves and their families, without protection, compensation, or healthcare. Emergency benefits from the government will not be enough to sustain many who are receiving them.

Many people will not be receiving cheques at all

People who are on social assistance, or working outside the formal economy or incarcerated; those without housing, or without immigration status; and others living in economic precarity all the time, are once again the first to be excluded from the government’s response measures. Meanwhile, some people are saving money by staying home, or even profiting from this situation by driving up prices on what others need to survive.

For those of us who have enough, now is the time to share our cheques 

For those of us still receiving a stable income, or leaning on savings or family wealth, or accessing government benefits that we don’t need for our immediate survival, now is the time to share our cheques — moving money into the hands of the people and organizations that need resources the most right now. 

Access to wealth and stable, high paying jobs is largely determined by unearned privileges 

These privileges include whiteness, class background, and being a settler on these lands. For those of us who have benefitted from these systems, building a more just society means redistributing resources to those oppressed by them. This is one tangible step we can take to ensure we all have enough to make it through this collective crisis and beyond.


How much to share

The portion of your income or savings that you choose to share will undoubtedly look different for each person. There is no one right way. This section below offers a few frameworks to think about how much to give, based on an individual without dependants, but they are simply suggestions.

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Pandemic Savings Calculator

For many people able to work from home, the pandemic is resulting in savings. Adjust the calculator below to explore the amount you might be saving as a result of the pandemic, and consider giving that amount.

Suggested Donation

Individuals earning higher incomes are often in a position to redistribute a larger proportion of their paycheque. Adjust the slider below, based on your income and consider redistributing a percentage of your monthly paycheque during the pandemic.

For more ideas and information, read our our #ShareMyCheque How-to Guide.


Where to share

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Sex-worker led fund to support sex workers for whom accessing other work and government relief is difficult, if not impossible, and migrant sex workers who face the risk of arrest and deportation if they make contact with government agencies.

A network of individuals & groups supporting Indigenous communities, and a list of organizations to give to, including Resilience Montreal, a shelter and wellness center which provides food, support, and frontline services.

A summer program to help young African Nova Scotians understand more about abolition and #DefundThePolice. This will be the program's first year together, and it will be an annual program connected to an alternative school proposal for Black youth in NS.

Donate to the Battered Women’s Support Services (bwss), who are providing critical support to women in unsafe relationships who will experience increased social isolation and risk during this time.

Check out our Where to Give page for more grassroots emergency funds and movement groups you can give to.


Spread the word

In addition to signing this pledge yourself, will you share the pledge with at least 5 others in your community?

Use it a conversation starter with friends and family on the importance of redistribution, right now and always — or share a story of why you’re pledging to share your cheque and where you’re donating it on social media and tag it #ShareMyCheque. 

Sample Post

I’m pledging to #ShareMyCheque. I am working from home during this crisis, while many people have lost their jobs or are being left behind by the government’s response. Redistributing my cheque is the least I can do.

Will you join me?


Participating Organizations

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Resource Movement is a community of young people with wealth and/or class privilege working toward the redistribution of wealth, land, and power. 

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Toronto/Tkaronto Mutual Aid is an online platform for meeting needs, sharing political knowledge, and connecting people to local mutual aid projects and community organizing amidst and beyond the pandemic. #NoGoingBack #NobodyLeftBehind

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Standing up for Racial Justice Toronto is a local chapter of an international group working to undermine white support for white supremacy as part of a multi-racial, anti-racist movement.

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Disability Justice Network of Ontario is an organization that fights for a world where people with disabilities are free to be. 

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Inspired by the #ShareMyCheck campaign at and the #ShareMyPaycheck NYC How to Guide.