About the Campaign

The #ShareMyCheque campaign is an initiative that encourages people with financial security to share their excess income, savings or government benefits to people facing economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The campaign is a collaboration between members of 

  • Resource Movement, an organization that mobilizes young people with access to wealth and/or class privilege to work toward the redistribution of wealth, land and power. Resource Movement is a project on the Tides Canada shared platform. 

  • Mutual Aid Toronto/ Tkaronto: an online platform for meeting needs, sharing political knowledge, and connecting people to local mutual aid projects and community organizing amidst and beyond the pandemic. #NoGoingBack #NobodyLeftBehind

This campaign was inspired by the #ShareMyCheck campaign at sharemycheck.org and the #ShareMyPaycheck NYC How to Guide.


To learn more about the campaign, please contact mutualaid.to@gmail.com