Where to Give

We encourage you to Share Your Cheque with: 

  • Rapid response and mutual aid funds: Peer-to-peer community support funds that are meeting people's immediate needs for food, safety, wellness, and health.

  • Grassroots movement organizations: Organizing groups that are building power and pushing for lasting structural changes. We’ve already seen significant wins due to the hard work of organizers. Most grassroots organizing groups don’t have savings to fall back on and some funders are pulling away in the face of Covid-19, creating even more need for grassroots funding to sustain this work beyond the current crisis.

Mutual Aid Funds
& Grassroots Groups


  • Migrant Rights NetworkDonate to the Migrant Rights Network to enable them to provide frontline support for migrant workers who are being left out of most response plans. MRN operates nationally via organizing bodies in different regions.

  • ACORN: Donate  to ACORN, an independent national organization of low and moderate income fighting for economic justice. During the pandemic, ACORN is campaigning for a rent and mortgage freeze, for affordable internet for all, and for fair banking practices. 

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Toronto Region

  • Maggie’s / Butterfly Covid-19 Emergency Support Fund for Sex Workers: Donate to this sex-worker led fund to support sex workers for whom accessing other work and government relief is difficult, if not impossible, and migrant sex workers who face the risk of arrest and deportation if they make contact with government agencies.

  • Black Lives Matter - Toronto’s Black Emergency Support Fund: Donate to Black Lives Matter - Toronto’s Black Emergency Support Fund, which supports Black folks facing financial hardship due to the pandemic. To donate, send an e-transfer to donate@blacklivesmatter.ca with a note "Black Emergency Fund Donation"

  • People’s Healing Fund - Emergency Fund: Donate to the People's Healing Fund which provides direct financial support to BIPOC* healing practitioners (including body workers and sex workers), whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19.

  • Glad Day Lit Fund: Donate to the Glad Day Lit Fund, which provides emergency survival fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers, tip-based workers and Glad Day.

  • Foodshare Emergency Good Food Box: Donate to this collaboration between Foodshare and Black Creek Community Farm, that provide boxes of fresh food to folks facing food insecurity in the Jane and Finch community. 

  • Cooking for COVID - Shelters, Drop-Ins, & Grassroots: Donate to this rapid response fund organized by CaterToronto to send hearty & healthy meals to shelters, drop-ins, & grassroots groups.

  • Disability Justice Network of Ontario: Donate to this fund to help provide food, baby, home, and health supplies to people with disabilities and low income seniors in Hamilton. Send a direct e-transfer to care@djno.ca. It has auto-deposit, so you won’t need to include a password. 

  • Prisoner Emergency Support Fund: Donate to support the provision of one-time stipends to recently released prisoners and family members of incarcerated people.

  • Frontline Service Worker’s Gratitude FundDonate to this fund, organized by Climate Justice Toronto, which provides one-time stipends for frontline service workers, folks who are on the front-lines of the COVID-19 crisis, including grocery store workers, and others. 

  • Grassy Narrows First Nation: Donate to support members of Grassy Narrows First Nation, in their ongoing fight for compensation for victims of mercury positioning and to restore mercury damage in the local community. 

  • Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural CentreDonate to support the provison of frontline support of Indigenous communities in Toronto affected by COVID-19 (and pre-existing inequalities caused by colonialism) including 3 meals a day food and health supply deliveries and food bank services.

  • COVID-19 Hardship Fund for Vulnerable Foodsters United Couriers: Donate to support Foodsters United bicycle Couriers  who are struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, following the announcement that their employer, Foodora is leaving Canada.  

  • Low-Wage and Migrant Workers: Donate to support the Workers' Action Centre in providing frontline emergency supports to low-wage and undocumented workers across the GTA who don't have access to other supports during this crisis. 

  • Caregivers Action Centre: Donate to this grassroots group of care workers who are providing frontline support to migrant women doing essential work taking care of children, the elderly & people with disabilities during this crisis.

  • Indigenous Youth Outreach: This fund is collecting donations to increase outreach and support to urban Indigenous people in Parkdale, through handing out warm dinners, care packages, medicines, and harm reduction kits

  • Justicia for Migrant Workers: J4MW is a volunteer driven collective committed to organizing with and for migrant farm workers (irrespective of status), their families and social movements in respective countries of origin.

  • Solidarity Fund: Mutual Aid ParkdaleMutual Aid Parkdale is a neighbourhood group organized on the core principle of practicing solidarity in times of crisis. Donations to the fund will help organizers purchase basic necessities for community members. 

  • Artists Giving Back: Support for The Healing of the Seven Generations: Support this Indigenous-led group in Kitchener to provide care packages, meals, and online services to local Indigenous youth, Elders, and families. 

  • Trans* Toolkit CollectivePlease support trans* folx in Toronto by making a donation today. All contributions help us build and deliver customized gender essentials to those in need

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Montreal Area

  • Montreal Indigenous Community NetworkDonate to the Montreal Indigenous Community Network, a network of individuals & groups supporting Indigenous communities, including through the provision of emergency supports, such as food, clothing, and access to mental healthcare

  • Montreal Restaurant Workers' Relief Fund: Donate to the fund to help provide emergency economic relief to restaurant employees who are facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. Funds will contribute to workers’ immediate and urgent needs such as groceries and medication or other health and personal hygiene products.

  • Fund to support undocumented people in MTL: Donate to this rapid response fund to provide support to undocumented community members in MTL, folks who may be ineligible to receive government supports, and many of whom are at risk of homelessness as a result. 

  • Resilience Montreal: Donate to Resilience Montreal, a shelter and wellness center that provides food, shelter, and frontline support services for folks who are homeless or street-involved. 

  • Santropol Roulant: Donate to Santropol Roulant, an organization that is continuing to provide meals-on-wheels to those with loss of autonomy through the pandemic.

  • Fundraiser for Montreal-Nord: An emergency fund for to gather and distribute protective equipment for residents of Montreal-Nord, a neighbourhood with one of the highest infection rates in Montreal, and where residents have faced systemic inequalities

  • Rest2resist! mutual aid fund: A mutual aid fund for direct survival needs, Rest2Resist! gets food medicine, and sanitation to QTBIPOC activists, artists, abuse-survivors, and allies

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  • Carnegie Community Action Project: Donate to this Emergency fund which is providing  support to folks living in Oppenheimer Park Tent City and other unhoused people in the Downtown East Side.

  • Domestic Violence Survivor Support: Donate to the Battered Women’s Support Services (bwss), who are providing critical support to women in unsafe relationships who will experience increased social isolation and risk during this time

  • Sex Worker Relief Fund: Donate to the PACE Society's Sex Worker Relief Fund which is distributing critical financial relief to sex workers in Metro Vancouver based on need and social marginalization.

  • Black in BC Emergency Fund: Donate to Black Mutual Aid BC’s emergency support fund, which is geared towards Black folks facing financial hardship due to the pandemic. The fund will prioritize folks who are ineligible to receive CERB or EI. 

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Atlantic Funds

  • The African Nova Scotian Freedom School: A summer program to help young African Nova Scotians understand more about abolition and #DefundThePolice. This will be the program's first year together, and it will be an annual program connected to an alternative school proposal for Black youth in NS.

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Prairie Funds

  • Sex Worker COVID-19 Relief Fund: Donate to Sex Workers of Winnipeg Action Coalition's COVID-19 Relief Fund which supports Manitoba-based sex workers impacted by COVID-19.

  • Prairie Prisoner Support Fund: Donate to this mutual aid fund which supports prisoners in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba who are re-entering the community and those that are still behind bars during this crisis. 

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Additional Funds

We are happy to continue to add to this list throughout the campaign. If you organize with a grassroots social movement, or have helped to create a mutual aid fund that you'd like to have listed on this page, please send an email to mutualaid.to@gmail.com with the following details: 

  • Name of the fund / group

  • One-sentence description of who the group / fund supports

  • Details about how donations can be made and/or the link to the site to donate